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A photo Diary of my most recent and  favorite images. 

While i am out and about with my camera's i take hundreds of shots.  The best ones are carefully selected and edited and added to my Gallery the rest don't see the light of day .  Its not because they where not any good its just not they where not the  best of the best.   With the blog i hope to let those that did not make the cut be displayed...

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  • Elysia from our portrait workshop @elysiaellis (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Captured @zoe_bella_ (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Another portrait shot with Diane (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Tonight’s sunset over Johnsonville. Another stunner (at Wellington Region)

  • More classic portrait work with @kristofredd (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Portrait shoot with Alison

    MUA @sympheality
    Dress by @aeon_infinitas (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Abbey’s First time modelling. Some people are just naturals I guess (at Wellington Region)

  • Lady in red.. With Abbye (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Wellington Morning (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • About to March (at Wellington Region)

  • Today at the train station (at Wellington Region)

  • A great location discovered in the back streets of Wellington (at Wellington Region)

  • An autumn day (at Wellington Region)

  • Ghost BUS-ters (at Wellington Region)

  • Capturing sunbursts at the park (at Napier, New Zealand)

  • Milky-way rising over the entrance to wellingtons habour (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Bored in Photoshop

  • In the garden with @heliee (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Street with @chelsea_smile_model (at Wellington Region)

  • Street with @chelsea_smile_model