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A photo Diary of my most recent and  favorite images. 

While i am out and about with my camera's i take hundreds of shots.  The best ones are carefully selected and edited and added to my Gallery the rest don't see the light of day .  Its not because they where not any good its just not they where not the  best of the best.   With the blog i hope to let those that did not make the cut be displayed...

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  • Wellington Cityscape (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • What else would you be doing at the beach (at Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

  • A Cold night in town (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Sunset at Kapati (at Kapiti)

  • Sun soaked days (at Wellington Region)

  • Sunday chilling

    Mua @clodyahh (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Night shoot with @katyellenmodel (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • Rarotonga landscape from the air (at Rarotonga)

  • Drone photographing drones
    @paulmakakea drone below (at Rarotonga)

  • Beach Yoga (at Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

  • Time to hit the slopes (at Mount Ruapehu)

  • Beach yoga (at Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

  • Under the Pier (at Petone, New Zealand)

  • Beach life (at Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

  • Beach life (at Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

  • Greener days (at Wellington Region)

  • Another @mickeysmark snap with (at Rarotonga, Cook Islands)

  • City at night (at Wellington Region)

  • Model @rimi_bhangu
    Mua @clodyahh (at Wellington, New Zealand)

  • @donneminnaar lit up by natural light. (at Wellington Region)